Utilize AI-supported automation for Project Manual Specification books to significantly reduce time and streamline operations. Enhance brand value and ensure smooth project execution for General Contractors and Architects.
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Project Efficiency with AI Automation

Enhance Brand Value and Streamline Operations for General Contractors and Architects

Utilizing AI-supported automation for Project Manual Specification books significantly reduces time, enabling streamlined operations for construction projects. This efficiency enhances the brand value of General Contractors and Architects, ensuring smooth project execution and increased recognition.

Streamline Submittal Collection with Automation

Improve Accuracy and Expedite Project Closeout

In the current scenario, collecting closeout submittals for O&Ms Manuals, Warranties, Field Quality Control Testing Reports, Attic Stock Extra Stock, As Built Drawings, Demonstration and Training, any and all types of Project Record Documentation for constructed projects is done manually. This labor-intensive process is time-consuming, often lacks accuracy, and delays project closeout.

Automate Document Collection with AI Precision

Ensure Global Project Visibility and Minimize Manual Errors

By automating the collection of warranty documents and instruction manuals through an email scheduling process, the time required for closeout submittal collection is drastically reduced. Our AI automation enhances the efficiency and accuracy of uploading, virtually eliminating the issue of 'missing submittals' from subcontractors and manufacturers, thus ensuring your projects gain global visibility. Manual errors in identifying missing submittals are reduced by 99.99% through our AI-supported scanning procedure. So, why wait? Embrace the AI-supported world of iBindr for civil engineering projects, ensuring 100% safe and hassle-free operation and maintenance for project occupants.